Funny Crappy Day

Just imagine that you woke up really early so that you can take your time to get ready, tackle the day at your own pace and own the day. That would be the best and most productive day right?

My day started off like that but as the day goes on, my patience was tested until almost the last straw. My mood was spoiled by this very young kid who is actually bright but decided to not write or complete his work at all. His other friends are already 10 to 15 pages ahead. I’m angry because I’m worried. I just don’t want to be behind. Oh well.

We almost had a meeting but it got cancelled so yay! Time for a lunch picnic with my colleague friends. We planned to do our marking in a very chilled manner in the extra empty classroom but everyone suddenly got busy so it’s back to marking in the staffroom. As for me, I was feeling extra tired by the afternoon and I didn’t manage to finish my marking because I thought the time flew so fast! Somehow the one hour felt like 20 minutes and as soon as I looked at the watch, it’s already time to sign off work.

In truth, I wished it was not time to go yet because I have this one appointment I’d been dreading to go to. Yes. It’s the fitness assessment test with this one trainer. I thought my condition that day was bad. Imagine walking up one flight of stairs and I was already panting like mad. My tummy was full. I was like, oh shit, I might throw up again. On my way to the gym, I picked up my sister from work and brought her along with me. At the very least, if I’m not feeling good, someone would be around. While driving, the fuel warning sign blinked on and the indicator was already resting on the last level.

In my heart, I prayed that I could reach my destination first because

  1. I only have 5 more minutes to get to the gym and see my trainer because I only have one hour to consult with her as she had to prepare for her class right after her session with me
  2. The fuel warning sign was already on since last night 😅

I know! I was suppose to stop by a fuel station that morning but I was almost late for work. Thankfully I arrived on time and as I was reaching for my phone to inform her that I was in, I realized I left my phone in school!! If the next day was a working day, I would not mind at all but no. It was a Saturday and I would only get my phone back on Monday. I am not glued to my phone but I am worried if there is any work or family emergencies happening while my phone is missing in action. Anyway it was either I go back to school before the gates were locked and miss my appointment or I finish the assessment and get back to school hoping I get there in time. I chose the latter.

This time around, thankfully, the trainer knew how to deal with my condition. She said that I have to start back at zero and avoid any workouts that involves dipping, going up and down in intervals, lying down such as sit ups and more because those workouts will play with my heart and blood pressure. Lol! So my previous light workout was totally wrong for me!

Her orders for me were:

  • 10mins treadmill at my own pace
  • 20x leg press (20kg)
  • 15x shoulder lifts (5kg)
  • 15x back press using seated row machine (5kg)
  • 15x chest press (5kg)
  • 10x seated crunches 

If you realize, all of them are machine workouts. She said it’s better for me because it is already in a sitting position so it will not play with my blood pressure much which can cause dizziness. Also, I will play more with frequency of workouts and listen to my body. If I start to feel dizzy I should stop. For a normal person with no medical condition, it is good to push through the workout but for me, it is the opposite. So for all the people out there, this will be a good alternative but please do consult your doctor first. Just like that, my session was done! Good thing I decided to force myself to come and not cancel. Say NO to procrastination and excuses! Say YES to a better and healthier you!

After that, I rushed back to school just to get my phone. I called the school office using my sister’s phone and asked the receptionist/ front office staff to pass my phone to V. She’s my colleague who lives nearby the school. Even if I didn’t get there in time, I could just go to this teacher’s place to pick up my phone. Heh. I got there and she was not home yet. I had to wait in the car for almost half an hour. Guess what? My car died on me while I was waiting for V to come home. Oops! My car fuel was officially out. I tried restarting and it did but died again. Yup! It was confirmed that I was stuck there. How in the world was I suppose to go home?

The only solution was to call my younger sister. I knew she would be angry at me for doing this. Apparently, I’m the type who will only get fuel when the warning sign is on. But this time I pushed my luck too far. I was right. She was so angry that she swore at me up to high heaven. Me? I just listened and didn’t talk back plus it was my fault anyway 😇

She came to my aid bearing a gallon of fuel with a new gallon bottle complete with a nozzle. She was coming to me with glaring eyes and even blamed me for her stepping onto a puddle. I was like huh?! That was not even my fault. Her mouth was on fire and streams of nagging kept on pouring out. I was as meek as a lamb? Nope! At some point, I did defend myself. She was acting all mighty lifting the gallon of fuel telling me to hold the nozzle carefully. But as she lifted, she was shaking and the fuel spilled a little. I told her to just stop and let me help her with the lifting. I mean it was heavy. I was cradling the gallon bottle as the fuel made it’s way into my car’s fuel tank and I couldn’t help but imagine that it felt like I was feeding a baby. Only this time, the baby is oversized and it is actually my car. Over the glugging sound, I accidentally looked into my sister’s eyes and both of us started laughing like crazy. It was the most craziest thing to ever happen to me and to her, I was the most aggravating sister who made such a fool of herself by getting involved in the most surreal situation and my sister was there to witness it and still played along by helping me out. We were such a newbie to all this it felt like we were the Dumb and Dumber character. But god! It felt good to laugh it off. I mean when will you ever make a fool out of yourself and laugh at your own silly mistake?


I’ve never tried filling my fuel at the self-service gas station. I think I should try it once. Pic credit: Robert Wagt (pinterest)
After that, I went straight to the fuel station and topped up about $10 worth of fuel. No filling the fuel at the last minute ever again. I have learned my lesson the hard way.

Now tell me, is this considered a crappy day or a funny day?


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