Musings of the day

Long post ahead.

I have officially been on the job for one whole year and to say that there are not many interesting anecdotes would be a lie. I have never imagined myself as a primary school teacher or some would say, elementary school but here I am. I am currently teaching Maths as well as ICT. It’s interesting because I applied for a post as an English teacher because through out my university years, I have been tutoring English for O-Level students and basic English for foreigners. However, I was given Maths subject.

Why is this a big deal?

Well, as a small kid, I never really got the hang of Maths to tell the truth. It never made sense to me. Maybe, at that time, I was more into Music subject because I like to sing and English subject because I wanted to show my ex-English teacher that I was not a cheater. Long story but I got humiliated for cheating in front of my classmates. It’s crazy how I chose that event to motivate myself and prove that my English was great.

As I grew into my teen years, I excelled in every other subjects except for those related to Maths. Yup. I suck in Physics. Haha. Thankfully I did alright in Maths. So, it is still a great wonder to me how I became a Maths teacher.  I guess having had Chemistry background in university played a big role in landing me into this position.

So how’s life so far as a teacher?

Honestly, it’s pretty interesting. It does tests my patience most of the time, but the good memories outweighs the bad experiences. I do get tired especially with my medical condition but it feels great being in this field so far. I get to teach the children how to calculate in decimals and fractions. Show them how to round off numbers. Help them differentiate between the parallel and perpendicular lines. Let them know how area is very different from perimeter. I am constantly trying to think of ways to make it easy for them to understand Maths.

So what compelled me to write today?

I kinda blew my head off today. I was ready to give the class a test today and when I arrived in the class, half of my kids haven’t even studied for the test. I told them a week ago and even reminded them few days ago. But they said they were so busy memorizing something for English that they forgot to study.

I was irritated because it means that they only study for my test the night before and they didn’t even think that my test wasn’t worth the worry. No. It was a mix of disappointment, annoyance and PMS. I chewed their ears off today with my nagging and scared them with my piercing glares. Sigh. I know. I over-reacted. I am not proud of what happened and I really do feel sorry for them.

But I can never really stay that angry for long. At most would be close to an hour but nahhh. I cooled off as soon as they answered all my questions as we did work in class.

After all that, 11 of the kids from that class had to face me again 15 minutes later for a remedial class and they were still excited (of course one or two students were unwilling participants). So how can I not love them? I was angry at them and I knew they were a bit scared when I blew my socks off, but they still wanted to learn and one even said that Maths is his favorite subject even when the teacher always scolds the class. Yup. That teacher is me.

I think it’s appropriate to say that they are my poison but they are also my antidote. They make me angry but I also smile because of them. So yes. I like my teaching life.


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